High Purity Test Center – For Cleaning Trials of Components with Highest Cleanliness Requirements

In our High Purity Test Center in Dettingen unter Teck (Germany), we enable cleaning trials and feasibility studies for a wide range of system and process solutions under cleanroom conditions.

The High Purity Test Center has two cleaning areas of different cleanliness classes. The first area is a white room to which a solvent and an aqueous chamber system are connected. In this area, components with medium to high cleanliness requirements are cleaned efficiently. The second area is housed in a validated ISO 7 class cleanroom. This area is used for cleaning trials of components with the highest cleanliness requirements.

Connected to the clean room are high-purity aqueous and solvent-based chamber systems as well as multi-bath ultrasonic fine cleaning systems. Different ultrasonic frequencies, PPC (Pulsated Pressure Cleaning), ultrasonic+, spraying, injection flood washing, parts movements like oscillation, swiveling or rotation can be tested. In addition, alkaline, acidic and neutral cleaning chemicals as well as passivation can be tested under real conditions. A range of different drying methods like warm air, vacuum and infrared are available as well. All machines are equipped with HEPA Filters.

In addition, the High Purity test Center is fitted with media preparation systems for reverse osmosis (RO), de-ionized (DI) and ultra-pure water (UPW), thus supplying all the types of water qualities needed forultra-fine and high-purity cleaning operations. Thanks to this equipment, extremely high cleanliness standards, such as those demanded by Grade 1 and 2, can be tested.

For verification of the cleaning results, preliminary checks via microscopes, bright light and UV light which are used in a dark room under optimal cleanroom test conditions are available, to examine the components for both filmic and particulate residual contamination. For final dry cleaning (e.g. bake out), RGA, XPS measurements, the parts can be packed according to specified packing requirements.

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