• Cleaning solutions for the aerospace industry

Parts cleaning in the aerospace industry

Whether it’s about guaranteeing the quality of subsequent processes or the long-term flawless function of components and systems such as engines, turbines and landing gear, when it comes to production processes in the aviation industry it is essential that components and surfaces are clean. Parts used in maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) must also be suitably clean in order to carry out the high-quality tasks that are required. Current and future developments, such as those to achieve more energy-efficient engines, emission-free flying and an increased commercial use of drones, are also bringing about changed and new requirements for cleaning parts. Ecoclean develops and manufactures cleaning solutions that are optimally adapted to the highly varied tasks encountered in the aerospace industry. The solutions not only ensure that the required particulate thin-film cleanliness is effectively achieved but are also flexible and economical.

Cleaning technologies for components in the aerospace industry

Ecoclean is a full-range supplier of future-oriented, globally available solutions for industrial parts cleaning, aqueous surface treatment and customized automation. Adapted to the specific requirements and applications of aircraft manufacturers and suppliers (e.g. production process, manufacturing technology, component dimensions, material, type of contamination and cleanliness requirements) as well as providers of MRO services, a range of systems is available for batch and individual part cleaning with water-based media and environmentally-compatible solvents. Thanks to our innovative systems capable of cleaning and deburring individual parts such as hydraulic components in a single process, you can manufacture your products more cost efficiently. Partial cleaning or surface activation can be carried out effectively and economically using our solutions for dry cleaning or surface treatment.

Comprehensive expertise in cleaning parts for the aerospace industry

To solve the various tasks encountered by aircraft manufacturers and their suppliers as well as by companies in the MRO sector in a needs-based, sustainable and efficient manner, comprehensive technological expertise is indispensable. However, application know-how is also called for. Thanks to our many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the aviation industry, as well as numerous successfully completed projects for renowned aircraft manufacturers and suppliers around the globe, we have both. This, in conjunction with our broad industrial expertise and our fully equipped Technology Centres, enables us to carry out cleaning tests on original-soiled parts under near-production conditions in order to solve any cleaning task related to the manufacture of components and MRO. Based on the respective material, component geometry, type of contamination and cleanliness requirements, we develop flexible cleaning solutions that are both technically and economically optimized - and also automate them if desired. In addition, the solutions allow cleaning processes to be continuously monitored and key cleaning parameters to be recorded.

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