• Cleaning solutions for fasteners

Cleaning fasteners efficiently and in line with requirements

Fasteners such as screws, nuts, rivets and springs perform crucial tasks in almost all sectors of industry. To ensure the quality of subsequent processes, such as heat treatment, forming, coating, corrosion protection, as well as the long-term flawless function of components, requirements regarding the particulate and thin-film cleanliness of these parts are becoming ever more stringent. The cleaning challenges faced by the manufacturers of fasteners include varying materials, complex geometries, stubborn contaminants (e.g. specialty lubricants such as Molycote), and high throughput rates. Ecoclean offers optimally designed and energy-efficient cleaning solutions for these tasks which satisfy a wide range of cleanliness requirements in a demand-oriented, dependable and economical manner.

Cleaning technologies for fasteners

As a full-range supplier, Ecoclean covers the entire spectrum of industrial parts cleaning. To clean fasteners, wet-chemical processes carried out in standard machines and customized cleaning systems with water-based media and environmentally compatible solvents are generally used. Various technologies, such as injection flood washing, spray and immersion cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning or even solvent-based high-pressure cleaning, combined with flexible part agitation and effective, energy-efficient drying solutions, come into play. These ensure that all parts coming out of the machine are clean and completely dry, regardless of whether they are arranged in a fixed position, as bulk goods, in small or large batches, or even in pallet cages. Thanks to high performance filtration and treatment systems, the media used have a long service life, thus contributing to the high efficiency of the cleaning solutions and low cleaning unit costs.

Comprehensive expertise in cleaning fasteners

To solve the highly varied tasks to clean fasteners in a requirement-oriented, sustainable and efficient way, comprehensive technological expertise is indispensable. However, application know-how is also called for. Thanks to our many years of experience and numerous successfully completed projects, we have both. Our fully equipped Technology Centres enable us to carry out cleaning tests with originally soiled parts under near-production conditions. Based on the respective material, component geometry, type of contamination, cleanliness and throughput requirements, we develop flexible, future-proof cleaning solutions that not only are technically and economically optimized but also feature impressively high machine availability.

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