EcoCagile - The Flexible and Effective Cleaning Solution

Robotic Aqueous Parts Cleaning Process

The EcoCagile M/L is an aqueous industrial parts washing machine that can either be equipped for use as a pre-cleaner with a single-bath-technique or with a two stage cleaning process for final cleaning. High-pressure deburring with up to 600 bar (75 kW) is optional for both variants. The basic configuration of low-pressure systems and the power injection flood washing are already included in the multifunctional container.

Power injection flood washing with the patented thin-flow nozzle provides optimal results in the basic configuration in the first process stage, while maintaining low energy usage.

Next to many optionally available high-pressure tools, the patented hybrid nozzle provides great results, especially with complex cavities. This tool is used afloat submerged and stands out due to, for example, its ability to reliably eliminate jammed chips.

The separate cleaning processes take place in different multifunctional chamber. (high-pressure and low-processes pressure). The chamber contains fixed spray systems for powerful injection flood washing, targeted nozzles for precision cleaning, and optional high-pressure deburring.

Additional cleaning processes can be retrofitted at any time:

  • 7 bar power IFW for pre-cleaning
  • Up to 600 bar for high-pressure deburring
  • 7 bar for selective and /or general after-cleaning

The replaceable combinations of spray systems in the multifunctional chamber allow greater flexibility. Water pressure during washing and fixed spray systems in high-pressure chamber can be varied according to requirements.

Optional high-pressure systems:

  • Lances for deep drilled holes
  • Nozzle rake for smaller areas
  • Thin-flow and full-flow nozzles for targeted deburring

A general pre-drying of the workpiece is accomplished via intense air blow-off in the treatment module. The blow-off process can be combined with an optional vacuum drier to ensure the product is 100 % dry.

Fields of application

  • Cylinder block
  • Cylinder head
  • Crank shaft
  • Transmission and clutch housings


  • Smaller foot print for equipment, compared to similar class products as a result of built-in power module
  • Modular design allows addition or removal of accessories according to customers’ requirements
  • Intelligent software tools simplify production and maintenance operations as well as reduced wear-and-tear and power-consumption
  • Built-in filtering device
  • Adequate protection for all electrical components that come into contact with water
  • Large maintenance door facilitates easy maintenance and repair
  • Reduced requirements for spare parts, thus reducing maintenance cost


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