Energy Efficiency in Component Cleaning Mission

A key factor in reducing unit costs is the use of energy-saving potentials as identified during the production stage and also in industrial parts cleaning.

EcoCenergy is a new service offered by Ecoclean that identifies potential savings for your industrial cleaning systems that if implemented will mean savings of up to 35% for your industrial cleaning technology.

  • Power consumption with full load production
  • Power consumption with partial load production
  • Power consumption in standby mode
  • Power consumption of individual units of the cleaning system (e.g. high-pressure pump, booster pump, and SKV)
  • Analysis of individual stations of the cleaning systems (especially partial operation/standby/weekend mode)
  • Analysis of installation and manufacturing process (e.g. buffer zones)
  • Analysis of workflow
  • Inspection of machine heating and cooling
  • Inspection of machine insulation

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